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4-LED 3 inch Round Light
4-LED 3 Inch Round Ceiling Light
6-LED Compartment Light
6-LED Compartment Light - Surface or Recess Mount
Incandescent Ceiling Dome Light
18 Watt Incandescent Ceiling Dome Light
$14.96 Sale $7.44
LED Starr Light - Recess Mount

The LED recess mount Starr Light is an attractive, waterproof light perfect for use in livewells or any high moisture environment.

Round Fluorescent
6" Round 13 Watt Fluorescent Light
$16.57 Sale $6.93
Silverlight LED 1 Watt Ceiling Light
LED 3 inch Silverlight 1 Watt Surface Mount Ceiling Light
Silverlight LED 3 Watt Ceiling Light
LED 3 inch Silverlight 3 Watt Surface Mount Ceiling Light
Versa-Bryte LED Lighting System

LED lighting strip available in several pre-cut lengths. Can be cut down to custom fit any space. Perfect for under/inside cabinets, compartments, boat interiors, trailer interiors, recreational vehicles.

LED Locker Light

Compact light perfect for lighting small compartments. Draws less than 150 milliamps.

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